Rethinkingyour approach tolearning

With just a bit of rethinking, learning can be more embedded in the flow of work and much more engaging, practical, and cost effective

Learning is continuous activity rather then isolated, formal event.

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Why is learning in the workplace so important?

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With technology advancement, shifting customer preferences, and tougher global competition, it is more crucial than ever for companies to become learning organizations. In these organizations, employees continually create, acquire, and transfer knowledge— helping their company adapt to the changes faster than their rivals.

“50% of all workers will need reskilling by 2025, and those remaining in their current roles will need to update 40% of their core skill set to adapt to the changing labour market”. World Economic Forum, Future of Jobs Report, 2020

Reskilling offers powerful benefits over hiring for skills:
1. Controlling salary costs – on average, external hires are paid about 20 percent more than reskilled workers.
2. Getting employees up to speed in a new role takes less time
3. Boosting morale by investment in career development of employees.
4. Tapping into a new pool of diverse talent.
Adapted from ”The economic case for reskilling in the UK:”, McKinsey, 2020

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Hi, I'am Milana Malešev, PhD, the Founder of Learning Makeover

I am a senior HR professional, with almost two decades of experience in consulting and delivering training and lectures in the corporate world and public sector. I obtained my PhD in Psychology, in informal learning in the workplace, in 2020. To deliver the services tailored to your specific needs, I partner with colleagues who have specialized expertise (e.g. animation, data analysis and visualization, marketing and communications, learning management systems, video production etc).

Why would you want to work with me?

Strong consulting approach focused on achieving business goals, developed during employment in one of the most reputable global consulting firms (PwC).

Exposure to leading practices in the global market (through CIPD tutoring engagements) and recent scientific work in psychology (PhD work).

Proficiency in creating and using data to identify the issues chasing the appropriate approach, its monitoring and evaluation

What do I do?


with two main aims:

  • Improving the business results, adaptability, and innovation potential of your organization by nurturing the learning culture
  • Improving employee experience and engagement

Animated online learning

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Milana and I have been working together since 2009, from the establishment of PwC's Academy in Serbia. Together we have worked on various educational projects for corporate, private, and public sector in different countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Since the first day I started working with her, Milana was investing herself into learning and development of our clients with passion and expertise...

Miro Smolović

PMP PwC`s Academy Director SEE at PwC