Animated online learning

An example of the flow of a comprehensive online course.
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*Live practice session is the only part of the program when participants need to be present at the same time. **Number of videos, quizzes, the selection of assignments (practice task or peer review) will vary between the topics.
I strongly believe that learning needs to be… Therefore, I…
Fit for the busy schedule of your people. …Chunk the program in bite-sized videos, so people can watch them on their own schedule and size their learning accordingly.
Efficiently delivered … Use animated videos because it (is):

  • Engaging and fun, motivating people to stay with the content
  • Can simplify complex information and make it easier to understand and apply
  • Shortens the time to consume the content – a 2 min video can be more effective in conveying the info covered by a stack of Ppt slides or pages of Word document.
Delivered in a way that enhances retention and application. … Use animated videos so people can more easily relate to it, understand, and remember it.
… Use quizzes so participants can check their knowledge and understanding, which also reinforces the retention and application of the content.
… Provide handouts and job aids, such as templates, schemes, list of questions, that participants can use in the flow of their work
… Deliver live practice sessions to enable interaction with audience – responding to their questions, providing opportunities for practicing skills and getting the feedback.
Relevant, practical, and specific for the work of your people. … Deliver live practice sessions to enable group work in the training, so participants can share the ideas and practices how to apply learning (and overcome the obstacles) in their everyday work.
… Enable discussion forums and peer review assignments where participants can share their ideas for learning applications.
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